The Role Play of Handheld Inkjet Printer in Various Industries


Different printing methods have been used on an industrial scale since ancient times. These methods may use various markers or stencils to print a specific component or product. Now, an alternative method of printing the desired components is introduced. It uses a machine recognized as a handheld inkjet printer for printing instead of other printing materials. Here is a complete description of the handheld inkjet printer for your proper understanding.

What is a handheld inkjet printer?

A handheld inkjet printer is a small-sized printer machine that is specifically designed for printing purposes. It is mainly used for the printing of different documents on substrates. Another name used for this portable machine is inkjet coders and TIJ printers. This printer machine did the printing by using specific ink. This ink is released by an external print head present on the machine.

Working process of handheld inkjet printer

The handheld inkjet printer works by releasing ink from the print head for high-quality printing purposes. This printer machine can print all types of parts having different textures. It can successfully print all types of smooth and porous parts or substrates.

Once the ink is released through the print head, it dries instantly. It is important to produce long-lasting clear prints without any defects. In addition, it also prints machine readable-barcodes. It helps greatly in reducing misread information and any errors.

What are the applications of handheld inkjet printers?

The handheld inkjet printer mainly offers the following applications.

Packing printing:

Handheld printing is greatly used to print specific details on the outer packing of the products. It commonly illustrates the basic information about the product. The packaging industry commonly uses this portable printer for printing authentic product information on the packaging.

Product identification:

The handheld inkjet printer plays a vital role in the production line by product identification. It helps in product identification by printing the barcodes and other information on the product’s label. It mainly prints manufacturing details, ingredients, product names, and other nutritional values, thus providing all details about the item.


It is also used in warehouses for printing various QR codes and other details, which are then stored in the computers. It is especially helpful to save the tracks of stock present in the warehouses.

What are the benefits of handheld inkjet printers?

Handheld inkjet printers offer the following benefits.

Fast printing:

The handheld inkjet printers offer fast printing speed than other printers, thus helping in saving both time and money.


These printers are small. Thus they are portable. You can keep them with you all the time without any burden.

Print different surfaces:

The best thing about this printer is that you need to worry about printing on different surfaces. It provides high-quality prints on all types of surfaces.


It is a highly cost-effective printer. So, you can buy it without disturbing your budget.


Handheld printers are rapidly replacing other printers because of their various advantages and applications over other printers. They are considered perfect on a large scale because of their high quality.

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