Do I Need Injection Molding Machine For My Business?


The field of manufacturing has grown immensely. These developments have seen remarkable manufacturing processes designing, prototyping to production of the final product. These manufacturing developments have seen through Consumer & Commercial Prototyping and general incorporation of sophisticated features of the product to the market. In this article we will analyze the Injection molding process of manufacturing. Injection molding involves the injection of polymers into the mold. The polymer cures to for the intended shape and features.  Follow closely as we analyze key features and applications of injection molding.

Injection molding cycles

Injection molding is done in stages or cycles which are as follows;


The two halves of the molds have to be put together before the material is injection into the mold. The two halves are joined by the clamping unit. These two joined halves are then inserted to the injection molding machine. The material is then injected into the mold.


The material is injected into the mold in the form of pellets. These pellets are are pushed towards the mold by the injection unit. The pellets are melted by the highly heated barrel. The injected volume is called the shot. This injection period varies with the flow of the material. However, the injection period is complete only when the mold is filled. It is difficult to determine the exert time Injection takes.


This process starts immediately the injected mold makes contact with the internal mold. The mold starts cooling and therefore, forms the desired shape as it hardens. There is minimal shrinking during cooling.


This is the last cycle of injection molding. Ejection process is done by an ejection system . The part is now ready for separation from the mold. The part has achieved the shape of the mold and the mold remaining can be prepared for the next shot.

Why injection molding stands out

Injection molding has many advantages including;


Are you worried about the complexity of your product? Does your product has a lot of features and you worried how they will all be replicated? Injection molding does it perfectly for you. Every tiny feature and detail is captured through the injection molding process.


The molds can be used from time to time. The same features, quality and every detail can be repeated from product to product.

Minimal plastic waste

The plastic remains after the molds reach their final stage, they can be reused in the next molding process. This is in compliant with the environmental standards.

Disadvantages of injection molding

Huge initial cost

The cost of coming up with the molding tool is very high. The machine hours and the materials to assemble the right molding tool are very high.

Limited to small and moderate parts

Very enormous parts may not be able to be duplicated using the injection molding tool. It is mainly compatible with small and medium sized parts.

Careful attention

Sometimes you may like a machine that covers every strain for you but with Injection molding machine, you need to be careful with lot of details against which the design may have challenges.


In this article we have covered a lot on injection molding. You are informed to make decisions on either to incorporate injection molding in your manufacturing processes. However, It is a great technological development in the manufacturing industry.

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